Jacket cloth simulation for Juni

Since i’m lazy to try/switch to MD on cloth simulation, being conservative, I stuck with 3ds Max more than ten years. I keep challenge this wonderful wooden software and it seems that 3ds Max remains pretty universal. Rejecting educate myself with tutorials, I keep discover more and more features by my own blind search.

Here is a short process pipeline that i used creating jacket for one of my character’s concept. I always had a problem with simulating complex cloth structures, I didn’t find any option to freeze distance between vertices that not share edges and keep them dynamic so far. When you need to create a puffy surface – basic realistic puffy winter coat, etc. things become tricky. Mainly because of seams. Maybe there is an easy way to create simple seams within pure 3ds Max, but i didn’t discover it yet 😀

The main challenge here is to create multiple closed volume sections within single Editable Mesh object. This look impossible without situation when edges share more than two tris.

When you use Cloth modifier  it’s critical to use Turbosmooth on next steps, so it break polygons if you have more than two tris on seam edges. Mesh becomes a mess.

All you need to do is prepare smooth groups of different sections before you start simulation. Assign different groups for all section parts and also front and back surfaces of the sections. After simulation you will be able to add more Editable Mesh modifiers and separate object by smooth groups. Then you can easily add any smooth modifiers without having result of broken polygons. This is pretty much it.